Diane C. Jay

Born in Huntington Beach, CA

Lives & works in Fort Worth, TX


I am very excited to be able to share my art with you, it is truly a dream come true.  

    This journey began many years ago when I worked as an artists’ model posing for classes and became curious about the sketches and works produced by the students.  I asked questions about technique and theory then soon started trying my own hand at art.

    Although I have taken some art classes I am largely self-taught and enjoy the process of continually learning more about how to manifest my imaginings into tangible objects.    As my work takes shape, it’s a delight to see the illusion of space and depth emerging from the flat surface of my canvas.  Currently, I am painting koi fish using an oil glazing process that allows me to create a sense of depth with layers of translucent colors so that the fish seem to recede below the water. 

Dee Glitter Top Bright.jpg

    My goal in art is to invite collaboration with the observer. I work in a realistic style, but with just enough detail to make the subject recognizable and then allow the viewers’ own interpretation to complete the image.


    With the exception of a year in Spain, I’ve lived in California all my life.  I have two amazing daughters who live nearby with their families.  Besides making art, I enjoy reading, gardening, and caring for my cat.


    I hope you enjoy my site and would appreciate hearing from you at dianecjay@yahoo.com


Best Wishes,

Diane C. Jay